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Amalfi has routes with Capri (Gulf Of Naples) and Castellammare, Positano, Salerno, Seiano and Sorrento (Italy). The link to Amalfi is temporarily not served by sailing companies in partnership with NetFerry.

Guide of AMALFI

The town of Amalfi is situated in a beautiful corner of southern Italy and has an important past.   The town was built above steep cliffs, so Amalfi has breathtaking views and an unforgettably romantic atmosphere.  A brief history of Amalfi  Amalfi is thought to have been built by the Romans, as the Latin inscription on the town's coat of arms shows, but it was in the ninth century that Amalfi acquired its importance and prestige, becoming one of the four maritime republics that were fighting for control of the Mediterranean. The Amalfi Tables or the Tavole Amalfitano were ... [More information]