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Lampedusa is connected by sea routes with Linosa (Pelagie Islands) and Porto Empedocle (Sicily). The ferry routes beetween # :destFrom and Lampedusa are covered exclusively by Liberty Lines who have 22 weekly sailings available with travel times ranging between 1 hour and 4 hr 15 min with frequent, all day boarding. Ferries on this route can transport both foot passengers and vehicles.

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Lampedusa is one of the most popular destinations for sun, nature and underwater fishing and is the last trace of Italian territory before you reach the African coast. The name Lampedusa was probably chosen because of the flashes of lightning that occur during frequent storms that illuminate the island and made it visible to sailors far out in the Mediterranean sea. On the border between two continents, Lampedusa possesses the environmental characteristics of both. It is only 70 miles from Tunisia and 109 miles from Sicily. The north and west coast of the island is quite high and inaccessible,... [More information]

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22 weekly sailings