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Isola del Giglio

Isola del Giglio is an Italian island and comune situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of Tuscany, and is part of the Province of Grosseto. The island is one of seven that form the Tuscan Archipelago, lying within the Arcipelago Toscano National Park. The island is connected to the mainland by Porto Santo Stefano, a seaport town on the west coast of Italy, on the slopes of Monte Argentario. 

The island is separated into three parts, firstly the Giglio Porto, or the port, on the eastern coast, near the port. Giglio Castello, the castle and fortress located upon a hill, and finally Giglio Campese, situated on the north-western coastal side and is a modern sea resort. The main sights of the island are the remains of a Roman villa of Domitius Ahenobarbus, from the 1st-2nd century AD near the port. The church of San Pietro Apostolo inside Giglio Castello has an ivory crucifix by the sculptor Giambologna.

There is also an Etruscan shipwreck off the coast, dating back to the early Iron age, around 600 BC. The cargo of the ship included copper and lead ingots, iron spits, amphorae and a Corinthian helmet. Even a wooden writing tablet with a stylus was preserved. However, these artefacts have now been lost. 

There are plenty of beautiful beaches on the island. Firstly, Cannelle Beach is a small beach about a 15-minute walk from the port with white sand and clear waters. Half of the beach is open to the public, while the other half has umbrellas and recliners to rent. There is a small restaurant next to the beach serving pizzas and seafood, with some coin-operated showers for public use. Caldane Beach, widely accepted as the best one on the island, is in a secluded spot. The easiest way to access is by boat or by kayak, but it is also accessible on foot. The beach can become a little busy in the summer months, so be sure to get there early to find a spot. In the north of the island lies Punta Fenaio lighthouse, a working lighthouse that serves as a spectacular lookout point at sunset.  

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