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Pantelleria beach

The coastline is quite rocky, which means while there aren't many sandy beaches, the water is amazingly clear thanks to the lack of sediment. Many beach places are reachable on foot, but if you want to get to the most secluded places, then think about renting a boat. If you are willing to dive a bit deeper, then Pantelleria has some fantastic scuba spots. Lying in the middle of the sea between Sicily and Tunisia, the island is free of pollution, and the beautiful climate means that the water is full of flora and fauna, also a few shipwrecks to explore!

Swim in a beautiful rock pool: Laghetto delle Ondine

Swimming in the Laghetto delle Ondine in Punta Spalla, on the east of Pantelleria is always wonderful. This large rock pool next to the sea takes water from the sea and mixes it with warm water from an underground spring. The waters are always calm, as the rocks surrounding the little lake protect it from waves. The water is not only crystal clear but is also said to have therapeutic properties. 

Kayak to the Arco dell' Elefante 

The Arco dell' Elefante is an arch rock formation that lies on the east coast of the island. You can hire kayaks at many spots around Pantelleria which will give you the freedom to roam close to the coast and observe the land and rock formations from the sea. Cruising through the crystal waters is a joy and the water around the Arco dell' Elefante is completely transparent, when you get too warm from all the paddling, just take a dip. 

Swim in the thermal waters at Nikka Grotto

Nikka Grotto is only accessible by boat, you can easily rent one from the village of Scauri, speak to a local and they will sort you out with a boat. The water in the cave arrives from an underground source and is very warm, and it can reach up to 40 degrees centigrade! The water is also said to relieve the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis. Legend has it that this cave was the place that the lovers, Odysseus and Calypso, used to meet. 

Swim in the tidal pool at Cala Gadir

Cala Gadir is an extraordinary place, and Giorgio Armani has a home here. Perhaps he fell in love with mother nature's perfect design. At Cala Gadir you take a dip in the tidal pool or one of the several natural hot thermal pools. There is also a lovely sun deck to chill out on, and several restaurants set around a beautiful harbour area.

Cala Gadir's UNESCO dive spot

Classified as a UNESCO world heritage site, Cala Gadir is unique and protected, so you have to be accompanied by a certified guide for diving here. Highlights include anchors from the 3rd Century BC and 2nd Century AD, amphoras, ceramics and fragments of ancient wrecks. Navigating the dive is easy as there is a rope leading you through this underwater archaeological museum. Contact Dive-X to book a guided dive tour of Cala Gadir.

Ferries to Pantelleria

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