Netferry is in Sweden: why not check out Malmo?

A park in Malmo

Are you thinking about where to have your next family holiday? NetFerry suggests Malmo in Sweden, the surprisingly perfect destination for the whole family!

Why Malmo?

It is a city on a human scale, a chilled-out destination, with many attractions and everything you need. Located on the southern coast of Sweden, this city has gastronomic delights, art, outdoorsy activities and even beautiful beaches, Malmo will not disappoint. In today’s blog, Netferry recommends the best parks for children in Malmo, after taking a tour of the historic centre and having a nice peek at the Castle and its garden.

There are many ‘green lungs’ in the city for children to enjoy. Pildammsparken, is the largest park in Malmo and features some little playgrounds and ponds. The Spider Playground is a popular place, where a giant black spider awaits to be climbed upon and slid down. Teaterlekplatsen, is a wooden climbing apparatus, complete with a stage and a castle, a place your little ones can really let their imaginations run away with them. The park is well connected to various areas of the city on board the number 3 bus or using the Pågatågen railway.  Slottsparken park is full of cafes and restaurants, paths winding through greenery and a lovely lake. There is also a fairytale playground inside, complete with a rainbow surrounded by a soft floor covered in bumps and humps, your little ones will love clambering all over it! Magistratsparken park is in the city centre and is famous for its spiral climbing apparatus, it can be easily reached from the city centre. Finally, Augustenborgparken is a magical park entirely dedicated to music, immerse yourself in this enchanting space with your family and soak up the Swedish atmosphere!

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