Guide of SWEDEN

Sweden is situated in Northern Europe; is the country where the Nobel Prize is awarded each year.


In 1800 Sweden was relatively uneconomically developed, in fact, it was one of the poorest in Europe. Development of the transport sector and greater exploitation of natural resources such as wood and iron generated development in Sweden. Sweden is connected to Denmark by a bridge, linking the cities of Malmo and Copenhagen. The history of populations in Sweden can be traced back to the Stone Age. Then the Vikings populated Sweden in the 10th century, who also began trading and colonized neighbouring territories.

Places to see 

Norrland is to the north of the country and is characterised by lakes, rivers, forests and mountains, it is also the also the least populated but largest region in the country. The capital, Stockholm is located in the region of Svealand. There is plenty to see here, including the Royal Palace, the Vasa the Maritime Museum, or the Outdoor Museum and Skansen Zoo, and the historic centre. Gothenburg, on the west coast, is an important port city with many museums and art galleries to visit. Malmo is characterised by lots of modern architecture is known to be a very vibrant city, also because of the Danish influence. Abisko, in the north of the country, offers enchanting forests and is the perfect spot to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Swedish Food

The most famous dish has got to be the Swedish meatballs, named Svenska köttbullar. They are made with meat, potatoes, butter and milk, then served with gräddsås a cream sauce with lingonberry jam on the side. Kanelbulle is a sticky and sweet cinnamon bun not to be missed! A typical Swedish dinner could include kött, which is elk or reindeer, accompanied by salad and janssons frestelse, a potato and fish gratin.

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