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Minorca is connected by the sea with Toulon (France) and Alcudia/Mallorca (Balearic Islands) and Barcelona (Spain). The line between Minorca and any other destination isn't available at this time by ferry operators in partnership with NetFerry.

Map of the reachable destinations from Ciutadella (Minorca)


The port of Ciutadella is located on the island of Menorca, it is picturesque and surrounded by colorful houses. It is an important port for the Balearic Islands and has been throughout history. The port building is very respectful to the surrounding landscape, and provides services for yachts and private boats that dock there, such as water and electricity.

From Ciutadella there are connections to the nearby Balearics. The port is just over 45 kilometers from the island's airport, in Mahon. To reach the prit from the airport there are bus connections, but not directly to the port of Ciutadella. For a direct connection, you must take a bus from the Torres da Mahon company in Piazza Explanada that goes driectly to Ciutadella centro and from there to the port.

Address: Via Mestre Vives, 07769 Ciutadella de Menorca, Illes Balears, Spain
Directions: Google Map @ Ciutadella (Minorca), port


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