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Favignana is linked with Levanzo and Marettimo (Aegadian Islands) and Naples Beverello (Italy) and Marsala and Trapani (Sicily) and Ustica (Ustica Island). The routes connecting Favignana and the destinations with departure from Favignana are operated by 2 ferry operators (Caronte & Tourist and Liberty Lines) which jointly provide 299 weekly sailings with travel times that range between 10 min and 1 hr 40 min and frequent, all day departures. The operator Liberty Lines offer hydrofoil services which provide shorter travel times for foot passengers, while other operators allow the transportation of vehicles.

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Favignana is the largest of the Egadi islands and its port is located on the north side of the island, from which there are connections to Sicily and other islands in the Egadi archipelago. The main airport is on the San Leonardo pier, where the ferries from Trapani and the hydrofoils coming from the nearby islands dock. From here you take Via Florio, a road that leads to the adjacent city.

It takes an hour and twenty-five minutes to get to Favignana by ferry from mainland Sicily, while on a hydrofoil it only takes 40 minutes. If you intend to bring a car then cars cannot take the hydrofoil, as they are designed for foot passengers only, however the ferry does allow vehicles.

The capital of the island and the archipelago, is built around a small port that winds along a large bay. There are two information offices: Consorzio Turistico Egadi (Largo Marina 14, Favignana) and the Pro Loco (Piazza Madrice). The Pro Loco organizes guided tours of the old tuna fishing industry as well as various other excursions. These offices also act as a point of reference for the other two islands of Levanzo and Marettimo.

The Marina di Favignana is reserved for the mooring of private boats and is exposed to the northern and mistral winds, however it is extremely safe in all weather and sea conditions. The marina offers a service to fills up water tanks and provide electricity from 08.00 to 11.00 and from 7.00 to 24.00. The guardian service with assistance is present day and night.

Address: Via Molo S. Leonardo, 91023 Favignana TP
Directions: Google Map @ Favignana, port


40 weekly sailings
259 weekly sailings

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
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Which ports are connected to FAVIGNANA?

FAVIGNANA is connected to Levanzo and Marettimo (Aegadian Islands) and Naples Beverello (Italy) and Marsala and Trapani (Sicily) and Ustica (Ustica Island).

Which ferry companies operate from FAVIGNANA?

The routes from FAVIGNANA are served by Caronte & Tourist and Liberty Lines.


How do I get to FAVIGNANA port?

FAVIGNANA port is located on Via Molo S. Leonardo, 91023 Favignana TPGoogle Map @ Favignana, port.

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