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The sea crossing between Sete and Nador is operated by Grandi Navi Veloci who offer one weekly connection with traveling times not exceeding 37 hours (evening departures). Ferries on this route can transport both foot passengers and vehicles. Once on board, you will find bars, shops and self service restaurants to make your crossing more relaxing and comfortable. Cabin accommodation allows you to rest with peace of mind.

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Pre-paid meals offer

Buy meals onboard whilst booking your ticket by selecting a prepaid card. Food Pass cards (€30), Maxi Food Pass cards (€50) and Super Food Pass (€100) will allow you to save up to 30% on meals onboard.
30% discount

Children under 2 travel free

Children under 2 travel free on all ferry routes to Morocco and Tunisia, but will not be designated seating or accommodation.
100% discount

Discounts for children under 12

Receive a 50% discount on tickets for children between the ages of 2 and 12 on ferry routes to Morocco, including fees.
50% discount

Transporting pets

Grandi Navi Veloci allows you to travel with your pet. To bring your pet onboard just buy a ticket for the kennel or cattery, or travel in a special cabin that allows the transport of pets. Access to common areas with pets is forbidden, but walking on the deck is allowed as long as you keep your pet on a leash and with a muzzle. The company also required appropriate documentation for each pet. It is forbidden to transport animals inside your vehicle.

Port of SETE

The port of Sète is the second largest in France, after Marseilles. This port provides important connections between Mediterranean countries and dates back to 1600, when it began as a commercial port focused on export. It was further developed in the nineteenth century and began to play an important role in trade of all kinds of products and fishing. Its geographical location makes it a perfect port for many purposes, it is a multi-modal port that includes a commercial port, a fishing area and a marina. The commercial port also caters for passengers and has state-of-the-art services and... [More information]

Address: Route de Pontmartin 34200 Sète, France
Directions: Google Map @ Sete, port

Guide of NADOR

Nador is a Moroccan city on the east coast. It is renowned for its port trade and for the metal industry. It has always occupied a strategic position and acted as the lookout point for the Cape of the Three Forks that stretches towards Spain. History Nador is a meeting point of Berber, Phoenician, Roman and Islamic cultures. In the past, Nador was chosen as the seat of the kings of Morocco, for example, King Omar in the ninth century, later the Berber sovereign Yūsuf Ibn Tāshfīn, decided to place his troops on Mount Temsamane. In 1774 the sultan Mohammed Ben Abdallah concentrated his troops in... [More information]


1 weekly sailing - Duration: 37 hours

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Want to learn more about your trip from SETE to NADOR?

How long is the crossing from SETE to NADOR?

The duration of the crossing from SETE to NADOR is usually 37 hours with GRANDI NAVI VELOCI. Travel times may vary depending on the date and time of departure.

How many crossings are there per week from SETE to NADOR?

The ferry operator GRANDI NAVI VELOCI provides 1 crossings per week. The number of crossings may vary depending on the time of year.

Which ferry operators provide services from SETE to NADOR?

The SETE NADOR route is served by Grandi Navi Veloci.

How much is a ferry ticket from SETE to NADOR?

The price of the ticket from SETE to NADOR varies according to the date and time of departure and the offers available at the time of booking. Our website always gives you the best available price. Book now and save.

Can I take my car on the line from SETE to NADOR?

The companies operating on this route allow the transportation of vehicles, so you can get to your destination accompanied by your vehicle.

Looking for information on the return journey?

If you are looking for information on your return journey, click this link Ferry from NADOR to SETE .