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Liepaja has routes with Travemünde (Germany) and Nynashämn (Sweden). The crossings to Liepaja are served by the operator Stena who offer 6 weekly connections with traveling times not exceeding 20 hr 30 min (primarily evening departures). This line allows you to transport cars, motorbikes, campers and trucks - when boarding, simply follow the instructions at the departure port.

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Guide of LIEPAJA

Liepāja is a port city on the Western coast of Lithuania. It is the third biggest city in the country and during the late 19th to the early 20th century, it was a popular seaside resort. The port is important because it is strategically located in an area of the coast that is ice-free, allowing easy access for ships. Liepāja is also famous for its sea breeze and is known throughout Latvia as the ‘city where the wind is born’. A brief history of Liepāja Liepāja began as a humble fishing village and developed into a major trading port under the leadership of Jacob Kettler (1610 - 16... [More information]


6 weekly sailings

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
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Which ports are connected with LIEPAJA?

LIEPAJA is connected Travemünde (Germany) and Nynashämn (Sweden).

Which ferry operators provide services to LIEPAJA?

Stena operate services to LIEPAJA.

Where is LIEPAJA port?

LIEPAJA is located on Terrabalt terminal, 14a Brīvostas Street, Liepāja, Latvia, LV- 3405. For more directions to the port, click here Google Map @ Liepaja, port

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