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Split has routes with Ancona and Pescara (Italy). The lines to Split are provided by 2 different sailing companies (Jadrolinija and Snav) who have more than 8 sailings per week with primarily morning and evening departures and crossing times shorter than 11 hr 30 min. Ferry operators serving this line have ships suitable for vehicle transportation, so you can reach your destination with your car, motorbike or camper van.

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Guide of SPLIT

The beautiful city of Split is on the Dalmatian coast and is known for its coastline and beaches as well as beautiful architecture. Its name derives from the Greek word Asalathos, which is a shrub that is very common in Split and throughout Dalmatia. History  Spalato was a Syracusan colony founded in 395 BC under the reign of Dionysius. It then became a Roman city built around the majestic palace of the emperor Diocletian. Spalato then became the capital of the Byzantine Empire and the Croatian Kingdom. After being part of the Croatian kingdom, the city became dominated by the Venetians. ... [More information]


4 weekly sailings
4 weekly sailings

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
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Which ports are connected with SPLIT?

SPLIT is connected Ancona and Pescara (Italy).

Which ferry operators provide services to SPLIT?

Jadrolinija and Snav. operate ferry services to SPLIT.

Where is SPLIT port?

SPLIT is located on Obala kneza Domagoja, 21000, Split, Croatia. For more directions to the port, click here Google Map @ Split, port

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