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Le Havre has routes with Portsmouth (England). The ferry lines to Le Havre are served by the sailing company Brittany Ferries who make 5 weekly sailings available with travel times ranging bewteen 8 hours and 8 hours. primarily evening departure times for these crossings. Ships that operate this crossing allow both vehicles and foot passengers.

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Guide of LE HAVRE

Le Havre is a port city in northern France with a strong maritime tradition; in fact, its name means 'the harbour' in French. The population is around 170,000 and its France's second busiest port. Described by some as 'a love letter to modernism'; the architecture embodies the post-war optimism that needed after the massive devastation inflicted upon the city during the World Wars.  A brief history of Le Havre Human presence in the area around Le Havre dates back to Prehistory around 400,000 BC, but the city we see today took shape much later than this. Created in 1517, the port of Le Hav... [More information]


5 weekly sailings

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
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Which ports are connected with LE HAVRE?

LE HAVRE is connected Portsmouth (England).

Which ferry operators provide services to LE HAVRE?

Brittany Ferries operate services to LE HAVRE.

Where is LE HAVRE port?

LE HAVRE is located on Terminal de la Citadelle Le Havre 76600. For more directions to the port, click here Google Map @ Le Havre, port

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