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Paldiski has sea connections with Hanko (Finland) and Kapellskär (Sweden). The to Paldiski lines are covered by the maritime operator Dfds who make 8 weekly sailings available with travel times ranging bewteen 8 hr 30 min and 10 hr 30 min. primarily morning and evening departure times for these crossings. Ships that operate this crossing allow both vehicles and foot passengers.

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Paldiski is a town on the Pakri peninsula of northwestern Estonia; it lies off the coast of the Baltic Sea. A brief history of Paldiski The recent history of Paldiski is very unusual, and during the past century the town has seen massive changes, in 1962, the Soviet Union made the town a nuclear submarine training centre that employed around 16,000 people. There were two land-based atomic reactors at the facility, which was the largest of its kind in the Soviet Union. The whole city was then closed off with barbed wire for security and barracks were built to house the stationing troops and tho... [More information]


8 weekly sailings

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
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Which ports are connected with PALDISKI?

PALDISKI is connected Hanko (Finland) and Kapellskär (Sweden).

Which ferry operators provide services to PALDISKI?

Dfds operate services to PALDISKI.

Where is PALDISKI port?

PALDISKI is located on Northern Port of Paldiski, Peetri 11, 76805, Paldiski Estonia. For more directions to the port, click here Google Map @ Paldiski, port

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