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Valencia is connected by sea routes with Mostaganem (Algeria) and Ibiza and Palma (Balearic Islands). The to Valencia line is temporarily not covered by any ship operator managed through NetFerry online booking service.


Situated on the southern coast of Spain, Valencia is a port city full art, science, nature and history. A brief history The Romans founded it Valencia and named it Valentia Edetanorum - it was an important city for the Edetani who lived here. Then the Moors gave it the name Balansiya, which over time became Valencia. After the Roman Empire, the city was conquered by the Visigoths, who gave it to the Arabs. The Arabs and Berbers colonised the population to absorb their customs, traditions, language and religion. The appearance of the city changed a lot too, the Rusàfa palace was built al... [More information]