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Samos is connected with Agios Kirikos/Ikaria, Chios, Evdilos/Ikaria, Fourni, Karlovassi/Samos, Myrina/Limnos and Mytilene/Lesvos (Aegean Islands) and Mykonos and Syros (Cyclades Islands) and Kos, Patmos and Rhodes (Dodecanese Islands) and Kavala and Piraeus (Greece) and Kusadasi (Turkey). The links to Samos are served by Blue Star Ferries and Meander Travel which together provide 26 weekly sailings with travel times ranging between 30 min and 18 hr 20 min. all day departure times for these crossings. The line is also served by hydrofoils, which can be used by foot passengers only, so you must choose between transporting your vehicle and getting there faster!

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Map of the ports connected with  Vathi (Samos)

Guide of VATHI (SAMOS)

Samos is a beautiful island located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. It is very close to Turkey and only a 1km stretch of sea separates the two countries; the island is enchanting and remote. This island is one of the most fertile islands in Greece and is covered with olive groves, vineyards and is famous for Muscat wine which was celebrated by poets, artists and scientists. It is also famous for dried fruit, oil and tobacco thanks to the very mild Mediterranean climate and Meltemi winds that regulate the temperatures and helps vegetation flourish. Places to visit The island has amazing... [More information]

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24 weekly sailings
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