Jul 13, 20

Today Netferry is in Scotland, to experience a traditional Scottish wedding! If you think wearing a kilt is enough, you're wrong! A Scottish wedding is full of specifically Scottish traditions, that continue to live on for both the happy couple and their guests, today Netferry explores these customs.

Unusual traditions

Jul 13, 20

Sicily is a fascinating island. It has a complicated history, which is evident in Sicilian culture and architecture. Today, we all agree that we live in a globalised world, but Sicily has always been a global island and a hub where East meets West, and Europe meets the global south. Sicily's list of invaders contains the usual suspects, the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, Spaniards and the Normans. But the three main influences come from the Sicani from North Africa, the Siculi from Latium (Italy) and the Elymni from Greece. 

In the 6th century BC, the Greeks conquered the island. In the 8th century BC, the Carthaginians arrived from North Africa, forming a cultural divide on the island and the two major cities, Palermo in the northwest and Catania in the EastEast, battled for dominance. However, the Arabs were the first to establish proper trade, farming and mining in Sicily, they developed the island and made it an attractive prize for European opportunists. The Normans, who formed in France from a group of Viking settlers, took the chance to invade in 1061 and they made Palermo the centre of their growing empire. It subsequently became one of Europe's grandest cities. 

Jul 13, 20

Tenerife and Gran Canaria are the two most popular Canary Islands, and tourists flock here for the sunshine and warm temperatures all year round. Both islands have unique volcanic rock formations, plenty of sandy beaches, great local food and entertainment, so there's a lòot to explore. Today Netferry compares the two islands to inform you before your next trip to the Canary Islands. 


Jul 07, 20

Formally a penal colony, The Tremiti Islands are an undiscovered gem off the coast of Puglia. The five islands are called San Domino, San Nicola, Capraia, Cretaccio and Pianosa are part of the larger Gargano National Park. The mainland ports with ferries to the islands are Vasto, Ortona, Vieste, Manfredonia, Rodi Garganico, Capoiale and Termoli. Cars are not allowed on the islands, so you will need to park your car at one of the ports above. If you are travelling by train, Termoli is ideal, as there is a bus just outside the station that goes straight to the ferry port. Another, less eco-friendly, way of getting to the islands is by helicopter from Foggia, it costs around 50 €. It takes about 20 minutes, a company called Alidaunia runs the service twice daily. 

Despite the fact that the islands were used to hold prisoners in the 18th century and later as a place that Mussolini sent homosexuals, today the ferry from Termoli is a delight. It heads towards two little islands, before edging into a pretty little inlet. To the left, you have San Domino's Aleppo pines on top of limestone cliffs. To the right, the Abbazia di Santa Maria a Mare abbey, built by Benedictine monks in the 11th-century dominates the view of San Nicola while little fishing boats dot in the waters in between. 

May 29, 20

If you are planning a holiday with your little ones, Netferry has some exciting ideas for you! Today, we leave for England, a country that captivates you with its greenery and magical atmosphere. The UK hosts a complete summer calendar of events and festivals for families. Festivals can be great with kids; they are full of colours, music and fun; the experience will remain in their memories for years to come! 

Netferry has researched some of the most exciting festivals that will take place in the coming months in England, whether it is sunny or rainy, the important thing is to have fun, through music, dance and art! Combine this with camping and some mud to unleash the festival spirit in all of us!

May 29, 20

Do you want to experience Greece through good food? Well today, NetFerry sets sail to the Ionian islands on a culinary voyage! Direct ferry connections from mainland Italy to these extraordinarily beautiful islands run during the summer season and depart from many major Italian ports along the East coast.  

The Greek culinary tradition brings together a wide range of influences to create some extraordinary flavours! Greece has always been a cultural melting pot in the Mediterranean basin, with many culinary influences that have led to the sumptuous Greek cuisine we taste today. Today we will explore some dishes to try on Corfu, Zakynthos and Kefalonia. 

May 29, 20

Today Netferry takes you on a journey to the Greek island of Crete, exploring things to do on holiday with your kids! You can reach the island either by plane or why not make it into an adventure aboard a ferry! There are many ferries from mainland Italy, connecting with Patras and from there are connections to Athens Piraeus. From Piraeus there are frequent ferries to Crete, taking about nine hours, arriving at Chania and Heraklion, the two main ports on the island.

The island of Crete is located in the middle of the Mediterranean, just south of mainland Greece and has a fascinating ancient history. A family holiday to Crete is an excellent choice as there's plenty for everyone, to make the time you spend with your family unforgettable! You can have fun chasing pirates on deserted beaches, go looking for turtles and run at breakneck speed along the stretches of fine white sand. Then it's time for some more adventure on dry land with day trips to monasteries and churches on the cliffs, exploring the winding streets and alleys in Crete's little towns and villages, play among the colourful houses and immerse your children in the sounds and scents of this magical island!

May 29, 20

Today with Netferry, discover Montenegro, one of the most beautiful Balkan countries bathed by the Adriatic Sea. The country is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination for European travellers because it offers varied landscapes and beaches that are second to none. In this blog, Netferry offers you five unmissable beaches off the beaten track in Montenegro, follow our advice to avoid the crowds, and guarantee tranquillity.

In Petrovazzo - Petrovac, located in the middle of the Montenegrin coast, there is a beach perfect for families with children, head to the Bay of Lučice. Surrounded by nature and located near the lovely town of Petrovac, this beach will not disappoint. Then if you head towards Bar, there is a sandy beach in the Bay of Buljarica, overlooked by a beautiful monastery.