Jan 15, 20

Today NetFerry takes you on a trip to the Caribbean, get ready to live the dream: beautiful colours and enchanted beaches await you on this perfect holiday. Today we are exploring St Barts, also known as Saint Barthélemy, located in the French Antilles.  This small island in the Caribbean sea, surrounded by wonderful and crystal clear waters is ever-popular with tourists from all over the world and is known above all as a luxury destination. Today NetFerry allows you to also discover the elegant island of St Barts, which was once a Swedish colony.

The temperature here is always good, between 22 and 30 degrees; the perfect climate to enjoy the beaches and go hiking around the islet. Upon our arrival in Gustavia, the capital, we loved the views over this port city with its beaches, red roofs and bay full of luxury boats, it looks spectacular from the aeroplane! Gustavia welcomes you into a very elegant and refined atmosphere, its full of luxury shops, trendy restaurants serving delicacies, and nightclubs with excellent live music and fantastic tropical cocktails. Don't miss a walk to the ruins around Gustavia Fort, because from here you can enjoy magical views overlooking the harbour.

Jan 08, 20

The new year means looking forward and planning your 2020 summer holiday! Netferry has some useful tips for travelling by ferry to Greece and today we start with Ios, one of the most interesting Cycladic islands. Ios is located in the Aegean Sea, in the southern part of the Cyclades archipelago and is a really fascinating travel destination; you'll probably see locals riding on donkeys, or come across fishermen aboard boats selling the morning's catch and repairing their nets. Ios is a destination that combines fun and the traditional Greek island way of life.

How do I get to Ios? Find out with Netferry

Jan 08, 20

Northern France is a great place to take kids. If you are arriving from southern English or Irish ports into one of three ports on the northern coast, Dieppe, Roscoff and Cherbourg you won't be disappointed. The ferry trip is an adventure in itself for children, so remember to make it fun from the moment you leave dry land! 


Jan 08, 20

With five national parks, one of the last virgin forests in Europe, rivers, lakes and, of course, a beautiful coastline, Montenegro is a paradise for outdoorsy types. Montenegro offers visitors varied landscapes: jagged coastlines, fjords, small islands, mountains and pristine forests. 'Wild Beauty' is the slogan Montenegro uses for its marketing campaign, and we think it is really appropriate!

Scutari Lake and National Park: a microcosm in the heart of the Balkans

Jan 07, 20

Today, Netferry takes you to Naples, one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in Italy - there's so much to discover!

In the past Naples was a very important city and the port of Napoli has always welcomed ships and passengers, from all over the world! Tourists come here to experience the rich local culture and get lost in the sights and sounds of this decadent city. There are plenty of Neapolitan traditions and culinary delights to explore which will make your trip an unforgettable experience. At the end of the Christmas season, people in Naples celebrate the epiphany with festivities all around the city.

Dec 24, 19

From breathtaking coastlines and acres of lush green countryside to enchanting historical landmarks and unique gastronomical experiences, Northern Ireland offers something for everyone. In keeping with Ireland's rich history of myths and legends, the region has become an important destination for Game of Thrones fans. Northern Ireland's stunning landscapes were used as one of the three main filming locations.

There are a whole host of things to see in Northern Ireland, from lively Belfast to Armagh's apple orchards, stunning Giant's Causeway in County Antrim, to the film location for Winterfell's haunting woodlands. There is so much to discover in Northern Island that you may not have time to see it all in one trip!

Dec 23, 19

Take a trip to Slovenia, the green heart of Europe; it will amaze you with its varied landscape and natural beauty, it is an excellent place for the whole family. There are plenty of sights and attractions to keep everyone entertained, this country has all the ingredients for an unforgettable family holiday. 

Despite being one of the smallest countries in Europe, Slovenia has incredible biodiversity, and 60% of the country is covered with beautiful forests. For this reason, the capital, Ljubljana, is known as the Green Capital of Europe. If you're heading here with your little ones in tow, Netferry can give you some ideas on what to do and see.

Dec 23, 19

Although the Balearic Islands are considered a tourist destination for beach lovers, there's also a lot to offer culturally curious travellers. In fact, because of their strategic position in the Mediterranean sea, the Balearic Islands were plundered and colonized by the Carthaginians, Romans, Turks, French and English, which resulted in a melting pot of culture and architecture.

Mallorca is the biggest of the Balearic Islands and Palma, is its capital. Palma is easily one of the most beautiful historical cities in the Mediterranean sea. Palma's location, in a beautiful Mediterranean bay, makes the city all the more fascinating and exciting.